War Room

Tony and Elizabeth have it all—good jobs, a beautiful daughter, and their dream home. But their marriage is crumbling, and Tony is flirting with temptation. When Elizabeth meets her new client, Miss Clara, she’s challenged to establish a “war room” and a battle plan for prayer. What will happen if she steps out in faith? Rated PG. Dove faith-friendly. Approx. 120 minutes plus more than 3 hours of special features


Worship Forever by S.A.N.D. & friends


“Worship is the only act that will continue forever and ever…..when you go to heaven you will ceased to be an engineer, an architect or even a preacher but you will continue to be a worshipper as worship is the primary activity in heaven.”

Lucy L, Founder of SAND, Producer and a Worshipper of our Lord Jesus Christ


Melodi Cinta by Jenny Liew

It is an audio mini album which includes six songs and one instrumental piece. The songs were written, sung and produced by Jenny Liew. We are also grateful to those who have contributed their voices and talents to the production of this album.


Let It Be Known



Worship Central, based out of London England’s Holy Trinity Brompton Church, releases their third worship album. Recorded live, this new release highlights passionate and exciting worship, capturing the heart cry of many through worship songs such as Dry Bones, Let It Be Known and the new anthem Our Generation. The worship leaders included on this new recording are Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon, Nikki Fletcher, Al Gordon, Luke Hellebronth and Miles Dhillon. 1.Ready For You 2.God Most High 3.Let It Be Known 4.The Cross Stands 5.Dry Bones 6.Kingdom Coming 7.Guardian 8.Draw Me Close 9.The Constant 10.Hallelujah 11.Our Generation 12.Set Me Free 13.The Same Power.


Letters to GODRM 39.90

Battling brain cancer, 8-year-old Tyler Doherty turns to God as his own private pen pal. It’s his way of praying—but beleaguered neighborhood postman Brady McDaniels has no idea what to do with envelopes addressed to heaven! As he gets to know Tyler and his family, Brady makes a decision that transforms his life—and uplifts his new friends. Rated PG. Closed captions. Approx. 110 minutes.


To Save a LifeRM 39.90

After a childhood friend’s death, Jake Taylor, an all-star athlete must change his life – and sacrifice his dreams to save the lives of others.


Home RunRM 43.90

Haunted by old wounds and regrets, baseball star Cory Brand begins turning to alcohol. But one mistake changes everything. To save his career, Cory must complete a 12-step program in his hometown. Running headfirst into memories—and the love he left behind—will he discover that nobody is beyond the healing power of God? Dove approved (12+). Rated PG-13. Approx. 113 minutes.


October Baby [DVD]RM 43.90

Every life is beautiful! “You saw me before I was born.” Psalm 139:16 (NLT) After her parents reveal she was adopted – following a failed abortion attempt – Hannah embarks on an incredible journey with Jason, her oldest friend. As Hannah searches to learn about her hidden past and find hope for her unknown future, she discovers that every life is beautiful! The producers of October Baby have assigned 10 percent of the profits to the Every Life is Beautiful Fund, which will distribute funds to the frontline organizations helping women facing crisis pregnancies, life-affirming adoption agencies and those caring for orphans.



Making up about 20 percent of the world’s population, the Chinese are a great people who can boast a history going back more than 5,000 years. However, because of the Chinese diaspora and the cultural revolution of the early 1960’s, many Chinese have only a very vague idea of their history, culture, and traditions. Who are the Chinese? is a film that takes you into the deep cultural and spiritual roots of the Chinese people.


 VeggieTales- Pistachio - The Little Boy That Woodn't (DVD + Music CD) RM 24.90

Imagine his surprise when he learned that his little boy could walk…. and talk…. and definitely had a mind of his own! When Pistachio tries to do things his way he lands in a “whale” of a situation! Will he decide to listen to the wisdom of a loving father in time enough to save his whole family from becoming fish good?


 VeggieTales- Heroes Of The Bible - Vol. 1- David, Esther and Daniel - DVDRM 29.90

What do you get when you cross vegetables with classic Bible stories? You get courageous cucumbers, ambitious asparagus — you get heroes of epic proportions! You get VeggieTales’ Heroes of the Bible — 75 minutes of the VERY best of the VeggieTalesBible stories on each video!