What is Alpha in the Workplace?

Alpha in the Workplace is a practical introduction to the Christian faith for the workplace environment and is open to anyone. It runs as a series of weekly meetings, with a friendly meal, a talk and small group discussion.

There are fifteen talks during the Alpha in the Workplace course, covering the basic principles of the Christian Faith. The talks are given over a ten-week period, including a weekend or day away.

The weekly sessions can be done during one-hour lunch breaks, or in the evening after work when people are more relaxed. In lunch sessions, each talk is around 20 minutes, and guests have their food while watching the DVD. In an evening session, each talk is about 40 minutes and are typically done after a tea or drinks.

Alpha in the Workplace can work for groups of any size, and empowers Christian professional and workers for effective evangelism. The Alpha course spans denominations and presents the core truths of the Christian faith in a manner that every denomination can get behind.