What Is Alpha? Why Run Alpha?




The Alpha course is an opportunity for Malaysians to explore the meaning of life from a Christian perspective. Over 17 million people worldwide have now attended an Alpha course. In Malaysia, thousands of people have attended courses in hundreds of locations across the country.

Alpha runs in hundreds of churches throughout the country as well as in homes, schools, national service camps, workplaces, homes for the elderly and prisons. It takes place over ten weekly sessions, and also includes a weekend away. Each week begins with a meal, tea or coffee with the other guests and the hosts of the course.

People attend for a variety of reasons. Some want to investigate the concept of God from a Christian perspective; others want to know if there is a point to life; others may have attended church their whole life, but have never really understood Christianity.

The Talks

There are 15 talks on the Alpha course, which are given over the ten weeks of the course and the weekend away. Each talk covers key areas of the Christian faith, and small group discussion takes place after each talk.

Is there More to Life than This?
Who is Jesus?
Why did Jesus Die?
How can we have Faith?
Why and how do I Pray?
Why and how should I Read the Bible?
How does God Guide us?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
What does the Holy Spirit do?
How can I be Filled with the Holy Spirit?
How can I Resist Evil?
Why and how should I tell Others?
Does God Heal Today?
What about the Church?
How can I Make the Most of the Rest of my Life?

The Alpha course is free, by the way. Though you may be invited to make a voluntary contribution towards food.

Materials are available as below:

Title Author Price
Parenting Children Course (Leader’s Guide) RM 8.00
Parenting Children Course (Guest Manual) RM 8.00
The Marriage Book RM 28.00
Parenting Teenagers Course (Leader’s Guide) RM 8.00
Parenting Teenagers Course (Guest Manual) RM 8.00
Alpha Course Express Starter Kit for Workplace RM 250.00
Alpha Course Classic Starter Kit RM 250.00
The Jesus Lifestyle RM 25.00
A Life Worth Living RM 20.00