You Walk He Leads: Discerning, Aligning

The author Soon Hock makes the startling statement that most of the men and women of God in the Bible didn’t go out of their way to discover God’s will. Rather, they walked with the Lord, and simply walked into His will. The rest of the book, then, fleshes out the principles and practise of discerning, aligning and walking in God’s will.

The book does not shy away from hard questions like, is God’s will a dot or a circle? It also lays out critical principles to help a disciple of Jesus discern God’s will, such as establishing the right values. The final section of the book gives the inquiring reader three needful tools to guide the person to walk in God’s will.

Author: Lim Soon Hock is the founder of Empower Services & Consultancy—a ministry to assist pastors and leaders to develop their churches. Prior to this he served as a pastor for 30 years. He is presently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry with the Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary.