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The first teenage adventure to Mars!An exciting journey full of teenage angst, romance and scientific facts.No fancy technology. No magic. No geniuses. Just teenagers like you and me.Bent on revenge and eager to realize his childhood dream, eccentric billionaire James Billion decides to organize the most ridiculous space mission ever-under his firm’s supervision, twelve selected teenagers will design and build spacecrafts capable of reaching Mars and returning safely with current technology only.

Can mere teenagers ever build spacecrafts and fly them? Can the teenagers of different countries work as a team? Who will be the First Man on Mars? Will they ever make it to Mars and back to Earth in one piece? Will they survive the challenge of the lifetime?Follow Hendrick and his friends beyond the skies!


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Stories for a Teen’s Heart: Book Three features this series’ best stories yet reviewed by teenage readers — over 100 selections showing teens making a difference among their friends and peers. Captivating stories on themes such as family, friends, tough times, character, and doing the right thing will encourage teens to make wise choices and put God first.


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Compiled with the help of teenagers, Stories for a Teen’s Heart: Book 2 offers more than one hundred new and inspiring stories that today’s young readers will cherish. Teens will discover a fresh way of looking at life as they read about friendship, heroes, growing up, love, faith, compassion, tough times, and motivation in this latest release in the bestselling Stories for the Heart book series. The sometimes tender, sometimes funny, and always thoughtful stories provide wisdom and heart-tugging truths that will uplift teens everywhere


Chicken Soup for the Christian Teenage Soul
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For teens who make God an integral part of their lives, teens who are sorting through doubts about whether God really cares about them, and teens who don’t know God at all, Chicken Soup for the Christian Teenage Soul may be one of the most influential books they’ll ever read.
These stories about love, friendship, forgiveness, making a difference, courage, dating (and lots more) show how God is at work in teenagers’ lives. Teens share stories about how God has given them the courage to cope with the tough stuff, the joy to live a fulfilling life, the strength to persevere when they feel alone, and the love and confidence they need to feel good about themselves. This very special volume will also help them to use other teens’ experiences to build a stronger relationship with God.
For teens tempted to use drugs, alcohol or other substances, Chicken Soup for the Christian Teenage Soul can be a lifeline to God. They will know that God cares what they think when it feels as if no one else does, and that He loves them no matter what.