timthumbRM 25.00

There is trouble brewing in the exotic Evergreen Forest.”

Rex the Lion and Raja the Elephant are very concerned about it. To restore peace and order, the animals have to find the mysterious Great Pearl. A motley gang of animals bravely step up for the task and go on a wild and exciting journey that takes them to places such as The Dragon’s Lair and the Land of a Thousand Waters.

Will they find the Great Pearl and will peace be restored in Evergreen Forest? Join the animals on their journey and discover for yourself.


Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 9.37.44 PMRM 19.90 (Hard Cover)

English, BM & Chinese Version Available Too

Upon Grandpa Tapir’s advice, Timmy Tapir goes on a search foe what it means to ‘Do what’s right’.
Join him as he asks those he loves and finds nuggets of truth through simple rhymes about what INTEGRITY means.
This set includes Timmy Tapir Learns to Do What’s Right picture book and a notepad.


The WordRM 28.00

Words can bring lfe to anything that is experiencing death. This book introduces God as ” The Living Word”


You Can Be PerfectRM 15.00

Make it your goal to ” Be Perfect” as your Father in heaven is perfect. As you go towards this destiny you will notice your life begin to change. True change can only happen when you get ‘ the revelation’ of this message.


A Cry For His TouchRM 28.00

This book is designed for those who are hungry for spiritual encounters… it is a ‘ torch of light’ that will help navigate your spirit into the bosom of the Father. It is both a manual and a pass, to enter the Holy of Holies!.


  Behold The AnswerRM 28.00

This book is a very practical guide and the explanations given about the blood shedding of Christ and feasting with the King of kings, draw us deep into His heart’s chambers.


BloodRM 28.00

What makes ” Blood” so important is the LIFE that is in the blood. In this book we will cover three main subjects: Blood, Water and Life.